Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have officially lost my mind.

As I mentioned on the stream I am working on a new project. Writing nearly 16 hours a day, trying to make up for someone else being 5 weeks past a dead-line (guess it was more of a 'we might kill you'-line).

I am eating, breathing, and dreaming of this story. I love it, but...

It seriously has taken over my brain.

I was thinking about going out in the ocean in a new swimsuit and honestly thought to myself...

"No," she thought, "I will debut it tomorrow when the surf is calmer." Of course the fact that she was simply delaying wearing the bathing suit did not escape her. No matter her sincere intentions, that suit would not see the light of day tomorrow or ever.

Okay, I just want to be clear that entire paragraph, I thought... about myself! In 3rd person no less!

I had to stop myself and say 'think thoughts' rather than pre-writing them in your head!

You know it is bad when you have to remind yourself your life is not a fictional novel.

But I can't complain. The new story is going great. I am doing what I love (maybe a little bit too much as evidenced by this blog) and so far I have caught myself before such words actually escape my lips in public (you guys don't count :-)

How has writing affected you? How has your story warped your brain?

Leave a comment!

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  1. Thank GOD. I thought I was the only one for a while there. Maybe we're the only TWO as there are no other brave souls willing to share.

    That has happened to me a lot. I work in IT, so I've also been known to think "CTRL+Z" or "UNDOOOOO!!" when I spill something.

    It's a very serious affliction, but being aware you have a problem is the first step!

  2. Don't prewrite my thoughts, but I do have fictional conversations in the shower between characters (me playing all the roles). My husband always shouts through the door: "Who are you talking to in there?"