Sunday, July 11, 2010

Police Procedurals

How I love them. Well, how I love to YELL at them.

If I am going to watch a show based on, oh I don't know, police procedure, I would like to see... actual police procedure.

Folks, this isn't the X-files. You can't just make up the science and then expect me to believe it.

Ok, for the procedure 'lite' shows like Castle, The Mentalist, etc, fine. Do what you want. I am not watching those for the nitty gritty realism. Honestly I am watching for the hot lead and fun dialogue.

But come on, C.S.I., L&O, etc. You guys should know better.

One of my absolute pet peeves is when cops burst into a house or room and 'clear' it. Without, of course opening a single closet, or looking under the bed. Then they are like, SHOCKED, when a suspect attacks them.

Um, you do know that criminals have the ability to, I don't know... HIDE.

Or they find a child witness holed up in locker. Um, again, maybe we should have looked there first before we heard the whimpering.

Basically if a space is larger than a bread box, how about we check it, just to be sure?

I don't know. Just a thought :-)

But until then, I guess I will just have to keep yelling at the television!

Hopefully when writing Plain Jane I practiced what I just preached :-)

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