Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girl Power

I love writing men.

Um... I am sure you are going "What????" This is a girl power blog. And it is. Sorta.

I tend to write a lot of action with, you know bullets and blood flying around (even my romance is using taking place in some dark warehouse and someone's got a machete).

And I am going to say something that I am sure is going to piss off some people off (especially women) that men are simply SO much easier to write for action.

Even male reluctant heroes are usually bursting at the seam with testosterone. You know they are going to open up a can of whoop ass at some point.

But writing strong, independent women? Wow. So much harder. Because just like in life, they tend to come off as sharp, brittle, and well, let's just say it... bitchy.

Plus I like to write as real and grounded of characters as possible. Which means that in reality there are far fewer female cops than male cops and well... again I've got to say it, they tend to come off as masculine or bitchy.

So what to do? I like my female characters living in their feminine energy. I also like them all the stronger for it.

Which means writing a little on a tightrope. I need them gutsy but vulnerable. I want them tough but supportive.

Hopefully in Plain Jane, with Detective Nicole Usher I have succeeded in at the least capturing some of the essence of a not just a cop but of a women, as complicated as she would be in real life :-)

#ornot #Iamokaywiththattoo :-)

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Thanks again, and I'd love to get feedback so leave a comment :-)

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