Thursday, June 10, 2010

Indie Marketing Collective

CreateSpace, Kindle and other on-line eBook distributors have blown wide open the Indie Book Market. Now you don't need a publishing house to get your book into print or into the on-line stream.

Great! Perfect! Now you can sell to your heart's desire...

Umm... Well... The only problem with that is how are people going to find your book (now that they can buy it and all?)

That's where the Marketing Collective comes in.

To begin, my vision is to gather 10 dedicated, on-it, promotion-minded indie authors and form a marketing collective.

How would this work? By cross promotion. Across Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads, Smashwords, blogs, etc. We would coordinate with one another and rotate which book was 'featured' every day (or week).

I got the idea after forming a 'blog tribe' to help drive up our blog numbers and comments and it has worked great. The only problem is, none of my tribe has a book (yet) so that we could move to the next level together.

I thought after this initial collective worked out all the kinks, we would each branch out and form new individual collectives while still being connected through our 'super collective.' Then once that collective is cohesive, we branch again. Building influence in an ever-growing outward network.

I am basing this model after my successful "BlogTribe" on my personal account @craftycmc. Feel free to contact anyone on the blogtribe list to see how it feels to be part of the tribe :-)

Here are a few parameters I was thinking of...

You must solemnly swear that you are up to no good -- Oh... wait... wrong pledge.

The Indie Book Marketing Collective Pledge:

I commit to growing my Twitter account by at least 500 followers/month (preferably 750--if you don't know how to do that, I can help.
My company does Twitter workshops all the time and I extend free workshops to anyone active within the tribe to give them the Twitter tools they need to grow their accounts and would extend the same to the collective :-) )

I commit to write at least one blog a week (ok, maybe you get a week off if you break your arm, or space aliens land, but it better be a good excuse!).

I commit to RTing everyone in the collective's #MentionMonday once each week (we will limit the collective to 10 so we don't exhaust our non-blog/book followers and you should space out your RTs so it isn't a cluster-f :-) ).

I commit to review each member's book on Amazon, goodreads, smashwords
, (up to 5 sites and yes, you can use the same review for each site).

I commit to providing each member of the collective a free download of my book for review and understand the review is not guaranteed to be positive (although, of course, respectful).

I commit also to growing my GoodRead friends by at least 25 per week.

If these terms sound completely awesome to you, then leave your vow of chastity... oops... wrong pledge again...

Leave a comment below, DM me at @writingnodrama or email me at

Rock On!

Crap, I always hate when I think of something uber important AFTER I put in a great ending!

But, in case you don't know what #MentionMonday is, here is the link to the primer :-)

You Rock!


  1. I'm interested.

    I think you're on my twitter also.

    My email is zoegrace25 AT gmail DOT com

  2. Tentatively in. Would love to have a few more questions answered first.

  3. Hello. I have my book already available at and would like to know if this tribe will be linking back to it or not. Also, my poetry book is bilingual. Do the others read Spanish?
    Rosalinda Vargas
    Not Only Dark Poems author

  4. I'd like to talk to you about this concept a bit further.