Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's the fascination with Serial Killers?

The short answer? Um...Why wouldn't I be?

The longer answer is that my Mother was fascinated by them. But then the question becomes why was she fascinated?

Then the larger picture kicks in, why, as a society, are we fascinated by them?

The answer is as simple as would you rather watch a deer play or a lion hunt. It appears our Neanderthal brain is wired to pay attention to the predator.

The deer might feed up but the lion might eat us so we pay particular attention to the one higher up the food chain then we are.

Serial killers are like sharks, usually smart, driven, meticulous sharks. If they didn't, you know, kill people we would value their work ethic.

Then to vicariously be able to feel empowered enough to catch one of these uber predators?

You can see how easily the serial killer thriller got such a strong foothold in the American psyche.

My hope is that "Plain Jane" honors the Pattersons and the Harris yet takes readers to an even deeper, more terrifying place.

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