Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plain Jane

Ah, another day, another blog.

I really hate it when I have to follow my own advice.

An author needs a blog. According to me, apparently completely separate from her other kick-ass blogs.

So here I am starting from zero #again.

But for such a good cause. Plain Jane.

A thriller that well, is pretty damn thrilling. (a NTY Top 10 Best Seller said so).

In future blogs I will talk about how Plain Jane came to be, why I wrote her, why I self-published, and then decided to 'go for it.'

Here is the Smashwords page: where you can read over 25% of the book for free!

Below is the book trailer.

If you were looking for my funnier side, check me out on Twitter @craftycmc, and for writing advice @writingnodrama and lastly for marketing @zerotosold

Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to talk all Plain Jane, all of the time (that is until Betrayed comes out :-)

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