Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cross-Promotion: A Writer's Best Friend :-)

Since I love cross-promotion so much and I love blogs so much, I thought, what the heck, let's do a blog about cross-promotions!

If you are reading this then more than likely we are in contact regarding cross-promoting our novels. Which sounds great in theory, but how do we put that in practice and make the most out of our social media connections?

First off, a little about me. I do social media professionally and have over 12,000 followers across my own accounts (which I can promote whatever the heck I want). If you add in clients streams that ups the number to over 50,000 (for these accounts to promote your novel, the book must be a good fit and my client must approve the promotion ahead of time).

So even though @cristynwest (and @thrillersrock which I will describe in a minute) are little, tiny 'baby' accounts, they will not be small for long, plus they have their bigger sister accounts @craftycmc, @writingnodrama, @zerotosold to expand their influence to promote both "Plain Jane" and your novel :-)

@Thrillersrock (right now, it may still be under @Rollinsrocks but it will convert soon) was started as a fan site for James Rollins, but I got so many people asking for referrals to other thriller writers, I converted it to @ThrillersRock where I will be reviewing both established and up and coming thriller novelists and actively promoting on the stream those 'lesser' known authors to a very active buying stream.

Ok, but what does this mean to you?

If we decide to cross-promote, these are my general ideas on how I can help you...

Once I have a copy of your book in hand I will...
Immediately announce (very excitedly of course #becausethatishowIroll) on @cristynwest and @thrillersrock that I have the book and I am going to read and hopefully review it.

Your book will go into the 'que' for the larger accounts and be announced when I have a promo slot is open (@craftycmc, @writingnodrama, @zerotosold)

I will present your book to my clients and if they accept, you book will go into their 'que' as well to promo when a slot is open.

If you are on GoodReads I will immediately friend or fan you and put your book into my 'to be read' list and give a little excited promo note. (I try to stay active on this site and be a 'trusted' source so that people check out my stream frequently).

If you are on smashwords, I will download either a sample or if you give me a 100% coupon, I will download from there even if I have a copy already just to help your numbers go up. I will also leave a note about how excited I am to try your novel.

If you have other sites in which you wish me to promote, let me know and I will try and accommodate.

I will add you to my website's 'What I am Reading" page as well.

Once I have read your book I will...
Let you know what I thought. If I don't feel I can give it 3 stars or more, I will simply make an announcement through @cristynwest and @thrillersrock that I read it and encourage others to as well. I will also mark the book as read on GoodReads and leave it at that.

However, if I like it well enough to give it 3 stars or more (which I hope every book falls into that category :-), I will basically do all of the above again, but this time with snippets of my reviews.

I will post my review through @Thrillersrock and to any other site you would like (in addition to Smashwords and Goodreads which automatically go up).

Also during this process...
I am completely open to guest blogging, give-aways and promotions. I have a variety of coupons that you could add to any review of my work to give your followers added value :-)

Hopefully if we are cross-promoting you will do some or all of the above for me!

Thanks so much for your time and I am so excited to have the opportunity to cross-promote with you!!!! #toldyou #thatishowIroll :-)

Here is my smashwords link:

Here is the reviewer's 100% off coupon: ZQ53W

Here is my GoodReads link:


  1. Wow! I love this idea! I just posted yesterday about the massive time needed to promote/market a book. Are you only accepting novels in a specific genre?

  2. Cristyn - You have an amazing plan outlined here. But I do have some questions. Like Elizabeth, I'm curious is this works as a cross-genre effort. Also, what if the cross promoter doesn't have the kind of following you have...? I also wonder how you keep up with some many twitter accounts but that's just idle curiousity. I have trouble keeping up with one! LOL.

    You've definitely got me thinking.

  3. I'm definitely interested but, like others, wonder if you would accept cross-genre promotion (my novel CtW, while "thrilling", lands itself squarely in the genre of dark fantasy). I also have a timing issue in that I'm not launching the book until March 2011 (though I would be more than willing to cross-promote Plain Jane before then). I'm planning on much pre-promotion but the ball won't get rolling on that until December at the earliest.

    In short, cross-genre okay? Delayed timeline okay? Let me know what you think!

  4. The Plain Jane coupon code comes up as expired on Smashwords. Sounds like a great cross-promo plan, though. I'd be happy to go at it with you, especially since I gather you perform social media marketing professionally. That's very interesting. I'm @bennuwright on Twitter, my blogsite is and my email is My first novel is only on Amazon right now, but I'm willing to trade promos with you (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc). Let me know where to send you an e-copy.