Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love to get some action!

To write of course. #duh

If I could just have a book that ricocheted from action sequence to sexual tension back to action I would be one very, very happy girl.

Yes, I know I need all the other stuff like characterization and scene setting and oh I don't know logic, but wouldn't that be a wonderful world?

Why do I like to write action?

I think it is because it so comes alive as I write it. Honestly no matter how well or in detail I beat out an action scene, it always surprises me as I write it.

The writing is so 'in the moment' that new ideas, prospects, and avenues open up to me. I can't tell you how many times I thought I 'knew' exactly how a fight scene would go only to have it turn on a dime and go in the complete opposite direction.

In the heat of battle my heroes come alive. During those moments they are the most 'bossy' and demanding of me to live up to their potential.

I think this is why I don't really find my characters until the end of the 2nd Act. The darkest moment. I need to see them at their rawest to really know who they are.

So, here's to action... and you know all that other stuff in between :-)

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Until next week!

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  1. My most recent novella is a sword and sorcery steampunk in the style of old pulp classics like Conan. It is action, action, action, action, action. It was very fun to write, but I'm going for something completely different before tackling a prequel. Action writing gets tiring.

    I agree that it's interesting how much characters reveal of themselves during combat scenes.