Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indie Book Collective

Going Indie was a big decision for me.

I could have gone traditional small press, but I looked at the numbers and they just didn't add up.

First off, with the low advance, there was no way any house was going to put any marketing money into the book.

So basically I would have had to market the book myself anyway.

However to have the "privilege" of being in print, I would give up my digital rights. Now that Amazon has crossed the 1/2 way point and is now selling more (most likely FAR more by next year) digital books, I could in theory actually lose money on a traditional publishing deal.

I took a deep breath and choose to go indie.

Then the reality hit me. I had no one to blame but myself if the book failed. I couldn't point my finger at a marketing department or grumble about my placement on shelves.

I had entered the digital world.... ALONE!

Holy crap! What was I thinking????? LOL

Luckily I do social media professionally so quickly I realized I wasn't alone. There were a bunch of us Indies out there, selling our own books.

Quickly we gelled together and realized that we could create a type of marketing co-op to expand our readership and build out our sales platform... together.

So head on over to @indiebookIBC and our website and blog to learn more about how you can get your book out into the cybersphere and if you are a reader, find enough books to quench your thirst!


  1. I, too, have looked into self-publishing, and it is much more enticing than the traditional way. Still mulling it over as I finish my WIP.

  2. Why won't they put any marketing dollars behind it? Is it true even if the advance is $95,000?

  3. Of course they put marketing behind it, the best marketing is for your book to be put on bookstore shelves.
    You do have to promote it yourself, but that is a completely different matter from marketing.
    Digital rights, with a good publisher, should be negotiable.
    Fiction is often best served commercially published unless it is a niche that the author can easily reach themselves.

  4. People like you and Zoe Winters have really helped me get more courageous and decide to go the indie route. In turn this has re-lit my passion for my current WIP and the next one. I have said this before too, but I think IBC is an awesome idea and will be following it as it develops more.