Sunday, August 1, 2010

I love scene setting... #thatisalie

I know how important it is. I get it. I know when it is missing in fiction that I read.

Yet, I still find myself pulling up short when it comes to this type of prose.

Now orienting you to the room, I am great at. Where is everyone. Does the action make sense, that stuff I am all about.

But telling you the shade wall paper or the stale smell in the air or the shabby curtains?


My brain just doesn't work that way. I think a part of me thinks that every part of writing gets to be fun.

That somehow if everyone ELSE would just suck it up and use THEIR imagination, I wouldn't have to set the scene.

Which is, of course, retarded. Because if someone else did set the scene, I am sure I would be pissed they didn't set it the way I wanted it!

So yes, would I love to just dive into dialogue and action? Of course.

Do I have to sit there and rack my brain for a more literary way of saying shabby? Yes.


So you will see in Plain Jane I luckily (or quite astutely) set the story in a rather grungy inner city. A nice noir setting with a palette of grays and blacks with only splashes of blood red.


To see what I am talking about head over to Plain Jane where you can read 50 pages for FREE and then if you wish to read the entire thing, here is a 50% off coupon code: RH88E

Until next week!

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  1. Hah, yes, quite possibly my least favorite aspect to writing fiction as well.